more than just a fisherman's town or a scuba diver's oasis, key west's landscapes and seascapes have always been a muse for artists and icons.  wanderlust kw is named after and inspired by the people who "wander" to this island and never leave, at least their heart never does.  the shop is a lifestyle store which lies in key's west's core and the rich history of bahama village.  all items collaborate to create a well travel yet refreshingly grounded atmosphere.

as you enter the shop, you can find works of art from locals, ethnically inspired wears, imported and homegrown accessories, as well as a range of handcrafted jewelry.  wanderlust kw flows with pieces of beach culture from the shores of new england, the coast of cali, the beaches of florida and ends at the southernmost point in the continental US.  wanderlust kw is more than just a locals shop because we are influenced by the local culture AND the exotic culture we see in and out of key west.  it's select items help bring out the essence of an island lifestyle.  it's a relaxing yet electrically creative charge, just like the city itself.  wanderlust kw strives to be a place for people to enjoy the inspiration of the town and localscapes.

just opened in july 2010, wanderlust kw hopes to continue to be a place people come to find something which inspires the lust to wander.

wanderlust kw boutique is located in key west, florida and is in

NO way affiliated or associated with the wanderlust festival.